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Portable Power
Portable Power Portable Power Source is an important part of new energy and renewable energy . Because it integrates the development andutilizatgreen renewable energy , improving the ecological environment and improving peoples living conditions , it isconsidered to be the most promising new energy technology in the world today . so it is more and more popular Learn more
Portable Power
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About us Xiamen Sweet Power Tech Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of solar power products and copmlete service solutions. Main service including Solar Inverters, Hybrid Solar Inverters, Solar Charge Controller, Batteries, Solar Panel, Solar Mounting Structure and Solar Power System. Learn more
Saudi red sea new town energy storage project
Oct.18.21 The energy storage scale of the project is 1300mwh,
Dramatically decrease of Silicon material Prices
Jan.07.22 The prices of Silicon material fell 9% in half a month, due to the major energy giants increased their capital and expanded production. Now the relationship between limited supply and high demand will continue to rise next year, which is conducive to prof