Jan 26, 2020
I've been very happy with the product. I purchased the 5K one about a year ago with the intention of evaluating it as my primary product for medium scale domestic installations. I got ill and was unable to pursue this, but having finally installed it now for personal use, I've been very happy with the product. In time, I may be able to purchase this to on-sell again, but in the mean while, it's been reliable and 'does what it says on the box'. I need to make mention, however, of the service. I was assisted by Mico. Her service, thoughtfulness and communication was excellent, and unmatched in any interactions I've had in the industry. I was always treated as a valued customer, even when my health deteriorated. Thank you, Mico! Some things to consider: - The unit does need reasonably good ventilation; the cooling fan spends a lot of time running. - The MPPT switching would be better with a 10VDC range increase in both the upper and lower ranges and a 25VDC open circuit (max) range to increase my installation options.. My most common small scale installation uses 4 305W panels (=1/+5%) with a peak voltage of ~35VDC and an open circuit voltage of 40VDC. I'll leave you to figure out why this has challenges. - Set up is very easy, but I'd prefer a USB connection rather than a serial port.