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If you need a portable solar generator

 With the increasing development of social production and the growing demand for energy, the global energy crisis has become increasingly prominent. Traditional energy sources, especially the three major fossil fuels of coal, oil and natural gas, are even more limited. The unreasonable use of traditional energy sources will not only make energy sources close to exhaustion in the 21st century, resulting in an energy crisis, but also cause global environmental problems. Therefore, new energy applications are becoming a global hotspot. Solar energy is favored as a clean and renewable energy source. The huge potential of solar energy development and utilization promotes the continuous development of solar power generation technology.
 As an important part of renewable energy utilization, solar power generation has received strong support from many national governments. Since the 1970s, the governments of the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries have successively issued relevant policies to increase the development of the solar power generation industry, making the world photovoltaic power generation industry develop rapidly. According to the forecast of the European Union Joint Research Center, solar power generation will reach more than 10% of the world's total electricity supply by 2030, and this proportion will reach more than 20% by 2040. In the near future, solar power generation will become the main body of the world's energy supply.
 Portable solar generator is an independent photovoltaic power generation system that integrates charge and discharge control, inverter, and energy storage, and converts solar energy into electrical energy. It is a small photovoltaic power generation system with high integration. Portable solar generator allows people to enjoy complete freedom of power even outdoors. Portable solar generator can provide clean and free energy for common electrical appliances such as lamps, TV sets, computers and fans.

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