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Pv system components: inverter

 Photovoltaic inverter, also known as photovoltaic inverter power regulator, is an indispensable part of solar power generation system. Due to various reasons, it will take a long time to connect all independent solar power generation system to the national unified grid. Therefore, the market distinguishes photovoltaic inverters into two categories: photovoltaic off-grid inverters and photovoltaic grid-connected inverters.The main difference between the photovoltaic off-grid inverter and the photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is that the photovoltaic grid-connected inverter needs to consider the operation safety with the power grid after grid connection.
 The off-grid inverter (such as 3kva 3kw 24v 60a off grid inverter) is one of the core components of the off-grid solar power generation system, which is responsible for converting direct current into alternating current for use by alternating current loads. The off-grid inverter is equivalent to establishing an independent small grid by itself, mainly to control its own voltage, just like a voltage source. Photovoltaic off-grid inverters require inverters with high efficiency and reliability, and require a wide adaptable range of DC input voltage. In medium and large-capacity solar power generation systems, the output of the inverter power supply should be a sine wave with less distortion. 
 In order to improve the overall performance of the off-grid solar power generation system and ensure the long-term stable operation of the power station, the performance indicators of the off-grid inverter (such as 3kva 3kw 24v 60a off grid inverter) are very important. The selection of the inverter is based on the characteristics of the load (such as resistive, inductive or capacitive) and the power of the load. Off-grid inverters (such as 3kva 3kw 24v 60a off grid inverter) not only have the function of DC-AC conversion, but also maximize the efficiency of solar cells and the function of system failure protection.

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